The Public Policy Forum and Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance have merged! We are now the Wisconsin Policy Forum, a statewide policy research organization. The Wisconsin Policy Forum is a statewide nonpartisan, independent policy research organization with offices in Milwaukee and Madison. Our mission is to provide informed analysis of critical policy issues affecting local governments, school districts, and the state of Wisconsin. Our research and facilitation activities encourage elected officials and community leaders to find effective, data-driven solutions to pressing policy challenges, and promote productive discussion among the public and private sectors. We focus our policy research on a broad range of issues affecting the state with a particular emphasis on Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin, including government finance, economic development, education, and social services. We are supported by hundreds of corporations, nonprofits, local governments, and school districts and more than 1,000 individuals. Our membership includes political, civic, and opinion leaders in our community. In addition to publishing comprehensive research reports, Focus, and The Wisconsin Taxpayer, we host discussions and programs on issues of local, regional, and statewide interest, and offer facilitation and strategic planning services to governmental entities.

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