The Mental Health Resource League for McHenry County was founded in 1967 as an auxillary to the McHenry Mental Health Center. MHRL broadened its scope in 1967 to give financial aid to mental health-related agencies in McHenry County. The all-volunteer league has a membership of over 100 men and women who raise funds to help McHenry County mental health agencies supply the services needed in areas such as crisis hotlines, youth programs, abuse, addictions and developmental disabilities. In 1969, the first Fair Diddley Craft Show netted $500 for the agencies. During the January, 2017 Annual Meeting, the League awarded nearly $231,000 from the 2016 Fair and Fall Diddley fundraisers. Eighteen McHenry County agencies received grants during this meeting. Since it's inception in 1967, MHRL has awarded over $5.5 million to our various McHenry County agencies.

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