The Board on Aging and Long Term Care consists of seven appointed Board Members and Agency staff, led by Executive Director/State Ombudsman, Heather Bruemmer,  who operate the Long Term Care Ombudsman, Volunteer Ombudsman, and Medigap Helpline Services.



The mission of the Board on Aging and Long Term Care is to advocate for the interests of the state's long term care consumers, to inform those consumers of their rights, and to educate the public at large about health care systems and long term care.



The Board on Aging and Long Term Care is the premier resource for information and advocacy. The Board will increase its visibility and accessibility by expanding its role and recognition as an advocacy leader.



The Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care subscribes to and defends the values of: respect and dignity for the individual; protection of the right of the individual to be free from threats to health, safety and quality of life; fairness and transparency; and open, clear and consistent communication.  Our staff and volunteers provide services consistent with the spirit and intent of these values.


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